The Dantosa gardens

Dantosa has 9 acres of gardens, with only 20% of the property retaining its natural, original bush vegetation.  The remainder of the land was cultivated into European-style gardens approximately 40 years ago, in a design reminiscent of the famous Blue Mountains gardener Paul Sorensen. 

The garden was planted to ensure that there would be colours in each season. 


Come and experience:

  • a field with over 15 varieties of daffodils which bloom in early spring

  • a 80-metre hydrangea wall with flowers of varied colours in mid summer

  • the roses surrounding the tennis court

  • a water lily pond

  • the all-year round protea bushes

  • a pine forest of 12 different types of towering pines with mushrooms growing at their trunks

  • the spectacular autumn colours throughout the gardens

  • snow drops in winter

  • the house gardens of azaleas, camelias and rhododendron

  • our new market garden growing fresh vegetables and herbs

"A friend had mentioned that they had spent a week staying at an amazing holiday rental. They described beautiful lawns, hidden gardens, fields of daffodils, an orchard, a lake for swimming and canoeing, plus an amazing house where they could cook large meals and sit down for dinner at a giant table. We couldn't believe such a place could exist without us knowing. 


We checked the internet and it was true. We organised to see the property ourselves and to our delight it was better then we imagined!  Dantosa is The Blue Mountains’ best kept secret."