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If you are interested in organising any experiences during your stay, please reach out to our Dantosa manager.

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massage therapy

We would be happy to arrange for a local masseuse to give you private massages at your convenience. If you would like to organise an in-house massage, please contact our Dantosa manager.

tennis, basketball, boules

Dantosa offers a tennis court, boules lawn and basketball hoop. There are tennis racquets, tennis balls, a basketball and a set of boules available for guest use.

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wine tastings

Experience wine tastings in our underground, triple-vaulted cellar, with capacity for 8,000 bottles. If you would like to organise a wine tasting session for your group, please let us know prior to your arrival. We are happy to arrange this.

the lake house

Enjoy relaxing in the Dantosa lake house. Sip a glass of wine while gazing out at the peaceful water. Guests can also use our two kayaks to paddle around the lake.

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exploring the gardens

The Dantosa garden has been designed to provide colour all year round. Explore our diverse range of flora and fauna over the nine acre property. View our seasonal gallery to see more of the spectacular colours across the year. If you're lucky you may spot a kangaroo or long-necked turtle. 

in-house catering services

We have a number of chefs and food specialists who would be happy to prepare a meal for you and your guests. We can organise chefs, cooking classes, and fully catered events during your stay.


night sky gazing

We can organise an astronomy night, hosted by local astrophotographers in the Blue Mountains. They will deliver a beautiful night of viewing the stars through high powered telescopes.

bird watching

We would be happy to organise a Bird Watching experience for you with a local guide. For more information please reach out to our Dantosa manager.

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blue mountains adventures

The Blue Mountains is one Australia's most prized tourist destinations. Dantosa is the ideal base to access the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park. See our recommendations on what to do in the Blue Mountains below.

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